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When you can't be with them, I take care of making them purr...

Happy cats, happy humans

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About me

I'm Carmen, a spanish citizen who lives in Amsterdam since 2018. I'm a Creative Writer and Theatre Director.
Cats are my favourite animals. I love their intelligence, their independence and their character. And besides, they're always a box of surprises!
As I can't have one of my own at this time, I choose to take care of those who need a cat-sitter for several reasons such as holidays or unavailability of their human parents. This allows me to meet new people and their cute fur balls.
If I could be, I would like to be a cat!

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Some photos of my furry clients...

Alkmaar - The Netherlands
Her name is inspired by the surname of the Argentinian singer Mercedes Sosa. Paradoxically, Sosa is a mute kitten, but she has a very delicate and refined purr, accompanied by a look that tells you everything. She's small, sweet and soft, but she's the boss of the house. She controls everything!
Alkmaar - The Netherlands
He's a blond, agile and muscular little tiger, imposing in presence and size, but surprising in his cuddly child's voice. He will disappear for hours sleeping or sunbathing, only to reappear on time to say that "it's been hours" since anyone has fed him!
Mr. Poes
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
A stylized Greek with a classic statue attitude, with a very fine voice and an always elegant appearance.​
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
An intelligent, affectionate and mischievous gentleman, polydactyl and with certain Maine Coon's traits, who will never let you out of his sight and will meow silently to ask for food, just like Simon's cat!
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
A curious, playful little lady, a little shy at first,
but she won't want you to leave 
once she gains confidence, 
and throw herself on the floor so you can comb her tummy.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
​A lady with a moon face, who knows how to be distant or affectionate, according to her will and personality. Her mother said she doesn't like caresses very much, but Frossaki allowed me to give them.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

​A true "big kid" with permanent surprise eyes. He loves to put his head in your lap. He also enjoys being combed, and he's very talkative and gluttonous. At night, he does his "toy mouse parade" and asks you to walk with him.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

A cuddly and very talkative lady. She usually gives you the news from the morning and she loves to be caressed. She's Banjer's sister.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

A black panther with an "I'm sexy and I know it!" attitude. He eats his and his sister's Bengel's food, but freaks out when she confronts him. He loves to own the bed.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

A shy and affectionate little girl. She tries to invade you if she sees you working on your pc, but she respects if you set limits. She loves to be at the window and find out everything.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

The biggest cat I've taken care of. Maine Coon, 11 kilos. An adorable sloth with a large body and a tiny baby voice. Now, he moved to Paris, city where he was born.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

I called her "My grumpy Queen" because I met her when she was already 19 years old. I took care of her many times, including a whole month in the summer of 2022. She lived 21 years and went to sleep at the end of October 2022. She was beautiful and gave a lot of love to her family and me. Miss her!
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Despite his thinness, he is an unstoppable eater that must be kept at bay! Still, he will always eat the rest of his sister Cassie's food. It doesn't matter, she prefers dry food and he doesn't. He's also a cuddly.
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

She loves to climb up your body and hug you. She also steals your seat as soon as you get up and asks for cuddles to return it to you. He talks a lot with a hoarse voice and is very agile. She's Clay's sister.
Madrid - Spain

A real cuddly tiger that follows you everywhere. He's grown a lot since I've known him and his cat cushion is now too small for him, but he still loves being snuggled into it.
Madrid - Spain

Tender and loving, but an independent lady who loves to sleep and eat. She has become very friendly with the automatic feeder. Sometimes, in her sleep, she falls off the sofa and then looks at you with wide-eyed eyes.
Home: Testimonios


Thanks for taking care of Sokje! She was very happy with your company and we were very pleased with your service.



human father of Sokje (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

After a long time searching we finally found Carmen and so we also found peace and tranquillity to be able to go on holidays. 
Carmen is wonderful with the cats. She really loves and understands them. She knows how to build a relationship even with a difficult cat as our Bengel.

We were very surprised and happy when we got a film where you could see that they where having a good time together and that was during her first stay at our house. That was great!
Thank you Carmen and see you on our next holidays.

Mónica & Rob

cat-lovers parents of Bengel & Banjer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

We are so delighted that we were introduced to Carmen, she provided outstanding care and love for our cat who is 19 years old, deaf, and sometimes demanding!

Carmen took great care of our house and our cat for two weeks and we couldn't be happier. She is knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. I would thoroughly recommend Carmen to take care of your cat/s, she's truly the best.

The Davison family
Vicki, Matt & Isabella, family of Bursey (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

It was such a peace of mind to have Carmen looking after my furry babies. I hated the idea of leaving them alone while going on holidays. They are very social and they need their daily dose of cuddles. Carmen goes beyond her duty and showers them with love and fun playing time. Coming back home, my house was spotless and the cats were purring on her lap!
I would highly recommend Carmen, she is extremely trustworthy and I now would not leave my babies to anyone else.


mummy of Cassie & Clay, the orientals (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Carmen has always been wonderful with my two cuddly cats. She sends me photos often, very attentive and not only takes care of them in the basics, but she also plays with them. Very happy the three of us, the two kittens and me. Honest and trustworthy person. 100% recommendable.

human mother of Axel & Zira (Madrid, Spain)


What can I offer you?



Care of you cat(s), live-in pet sitting


a) Food and drink -
- feeding your cat(s) a minimum of 2 times a day and a maximum of 4 (according to their diet directives) and making sure that clean water is available at all times.
b) Cleaning of the food station -
- Daily cleaning of the plates, dishes, bowls of food and water and area around them.
c) Daily cleaning of the litter tray and disposal of the dirty litter.
d) Exercise and play -
- at least once a day I will make sure to stimulate your cat(s) and actively play with them. Some cats might be shy or a bit lazy but I will always try to entertain them and get them to trust me. The cat is always right, even if it's wrong.
e) Cuddles and petting - This will also depend on the demands or the desire of your cat to ask or receive them, but I will be more than willing to give and receive them.
f) Daily Reports - short videos and /or photos which will allow you to see how your cat(s) is/are doing.

g) Plants - If you have some plants, I would be also happy to take care of them.


a - The cleaning of your house (I will off course make sure that if I stay overnight I will leave the house in the same state that I have found it). Special cleaning is extra charged. 
b - The food and the litter that your cat(s) will use during your absence.
c - The vet costs involved if your cat becomes ill during your absence. You need to tell me if you have a regular vet that would possibly come home; otherwise, I usually call HOMEVET, which is a mobile vet service that will come to your home. Obviously I will let you know if this happens so you can authorize it and cover the costs. I will not transport your cat to an external vet if he/she is sick.
d - If your cat takes an oral medication I can administer it, but I don't give injections.
e - I only look after INDOOR cats, or those that are allowed to go out on a balcony or in an enclosed garden, not on the street. 

f - No extra responsibility than agreed, with reference to the house and your cat.

3) Please, read How it works the service.




Caring for up to 2 cats live-in
- per day = 40 euro (BTW inc.)
- per week = 260 euro (BTW inc.)
- extra last minute day = 45 euro (BTW inc.)
- extra cat = 5 euro per extra cat / up to 2 (BTW inc.)

- extra charge on national holidays, Christmas or New Year's Eve = 20 euro plus
- prior visit, key collection & key return = gratis

The amounts must be paid in advance, based on the agreed period. You receive a legal invoice.





Your cat(s) and your house and/or your garden cared for

Same service as * LIVE-IN CAT CARE EXCLUSIVE * plus some EXTRA CLEANING or EXTRA GARDENING services to be agreed and find your house impeccable upon your return.


Extra charge for cleaning hour or gardening hour agreed = 20 euro (BTW inc.)

The amounts must be paid in advance, based on the agreed period.


How it works


- Food, treats and litter for the cat(s) must be provided by the owners.
- In case of unexpected prolonged stays, please supply enough reserve of food and litter and / or money for unexpected purchases that I might need to do.


- Where does your cat usually sleep? - I'm interested to know this in case at some point he/she changes his/her 

behaviour because of something in  particular, or because he/she is upset;  it's an indicator.
- Which is his/her favourite toy? - to be  able to play with it.
- Does your cat receives awards or treats? Tell me which ones and in which occasion.
- Is there something special I should  know? For example, is there something that your cat dislikes? (noise, 

household appliance, color, smell, etc).

- Does someone else come to the  house during my presence and your  absence? For example, your regular  housecleaner? This is important for me to know, for my privacy and to make sure that I'm not letting unknown people into the house. For your peace of mind, however, I would prefer that you don't leave valuables or personal 

documents accessible during my stay.
During the agreed period of my stay at your house I will NOT receive any visitors, there would be only me and your 



I will only use the essential basics from your house to be able to live in it during the agreed period to take care of your cat(s)  (kitchen, bathroom, bed, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, television, wifi, etc).I expect to be provided with all essentials such as blankets,  towels, dishwashing products, general house cleaning products,  kitchen paper, toilet paper, washing machine products.


I will not use anything strictly personal such as your computer, your clothing  (except bed sheets and towels), your  beauty products or toiletry or items  from your pantry. My food and personal effects during my stay will be at my cost.


I will collect the keys in advance on the day we agree, at no cost for this visit, and I will return them to you in the way  you prefer: in your own hand, or by leaving it in the mailbox. My suggestion is always in your own hand and / or in a 

mailbox with an access code, on this way, if your flight or return is unexpectantly delayed then it allows to re- enter the house to continue taking care of your cat(s).

During the meet and greet visit, it's important to get to know the logistics of the house such as explanations of the electricity, gas, household  appliances, wi-fi access, etc.



Please, if you know in advance that you will extend your stay away from home, let me know so that I can arrange extra days of stay at your house and with your cat(s).

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Where can we go for you

You can inquire for other locations. If it is possible to meet your request, we will be delighted to do it.

You can contact through the request form below, or send a mail to:

Home: Cotización

Request for a quote

Each cat is special and deserves special care. For me it is very important that in addition of the amount of days that you will be needing my services,  you also tell me something about the personality of your furry baby (ies) and its/their specific needs.

Thanks for your message! I will contact you as soon as possible.

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